Paris – Part 2 (Shopping & Restaurants)

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Just when I thought the Paris experience couldn’t get any better it did with the most incredible food and shopping!  The dining experiences left me so energized with a new spirit for life. It sounds so dramatic but it really was moving.  Everyplace I looked there were people having engaging conversations in the most quaint corners of the bistros.  The food certainly left nothing to be desired!  Paris also has some of the world’s most amazing shopping.  Whether you are in Champs-Élysées browsing Tiffany’s and Louis Vuitton or in St. Germain checking out Ted Baker it is all fabulous.  Check out a couple of our stops!  xo Megan

Eats: Pizza Pino – Great lunch spot after a day of shopping in Champs de Elles.  This spacious restaurant has plenty of seating so it is good for a quick pizza and glass of wine!

Le Petit Chatelet –  Make sure you call ahead for a reservation.  This small family run restaurant had outstanding food and it was perfect for an early dinner after exploring Notre Dame and the Catacombs.  

La Fontaine de Mars- This restaurant is one of the oldest bistro’s in Paris and was established in 1908.  The restaurant has continued in popularity following the Obama’s visit back in 2009.  The host spent a good amount of time chatting with us and it made me feel right at home. Also, it is perfectly situated a couple of blocks from the Eiffel Tower for a romantic after dinner stroll. 

L’Avenue – Everything about this restaurant is sexy.  We were there during the tail-end of fashion week and it was hard not to stare at the beautiful people. Oh and the food! We would rank it in top ten dining experiences ever! 

Drinks: Four Seasons- George V- This hotel is stunning.  The bar is draped in dark wood with fireplaces and cozy furniture.  The cosmopolitans are generous  with an extra martini in the shaker waiting for you! Great way to start or end the evening.   

Hotel Costes- Perfect for couple of drinks after dinner.  The dj and gorgeous people are sure to make it a special night! 

Shopping: Ralph Lauren- Ralph’s restaurant was an amazing lunch experience.  You are in a courtyard surrounded by 5 stories of Ralph Lauren.  It feels like he has invited you into his home for lunch. /Louis Vuitton / Karl Ledger/ Swarovski- The store captures you with the most stunning crystal staircase!

Treats: Laduree / Piere Homme / Bertie’s Cupcakes ( This adorable cupcake shop is right next to Notre Dame and the owners are from Alexandria) / Angelina – Known for some of the best hot chocolate in the world!

Transportation: We were so excited to find out they have Uber:)

Photos: Megan Sears @ Leopard & Studs

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